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We help Real Geeks users build, customize, and personalize their sites. We offer tailored, area-specific solutions since not all Real Estate Markets are the same!

Over the last decade, we have built, customized, or helped agents with over 7,500 Real Geeks sites! We specialize in real estate websites and the Real Geeks platform. We are a Real Geeks “Preferred Vendor” and the most recommended Real Geeks website builder, just check the Real Geeks Mastermind Group on Facebook and you will see!

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What we do and how we can help you succeed with Real Geeks!

New Sites

New to Real Geeks and need your site built?

We will build your site from start to finish using all the Real Geeks recommended best practices!

Premium Homepage Designs

Already have a site but don’t like how it looks?

Choose one of our  Premium Homepage Designs. These add a more professional, luxury look to your site!

Organic Traffic

Need help drawing organic traffic to your site?

Check out our Rapid Site Builder Packages. We can add thousands of targeted, organic traffic-generating, SEO-friendly area pages to your site!

CRM Setup and Training

Need to set up your Real Geeks CRM and Drips System without all the hassle?

The RGSiteBuilder CRM team will set up your CRM and Drip Systems and get it ready for incoming leads from your website and marketing efforts, so you can focus on what you do best, SELLING HOUSES!

Site Forms

Say goodbye to clunky 3rd party form builders and the endless hassle of sifting through emails to extract crucial data. We’re here to turbocharge your workflow!

Our cutting-edge integration service effortlessly embeds sleek, efficient forms directly into your Real Geeks site, capturing essential information and seamlessly syncing it into your client’s contact record in the Lead Manager. Unlock a world of convenience and boost your productivity today!

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If you are ready to get started, please choose 1 of our Standard Packages below!

New to Real Geeks? What are the next steps?

We’re here to help you navigate the process of building, customizing, and using your Real Geeks website.

  1. Pick a Standard Package
    We have 4 different packages: Basic, Premium, Platinum, and Ultimate!
  2. Add 1 of our Premium Homepage Designs
    You can add one of our Premium Homepage Designs to any of our Site Build Packages.
  3. Identify your Target Markets
    Which Cities, Communities, Neighborhoods, or Subdivisions do you want to work in? Adding Area Pages for those will help draw organic traffic, Buyers and Sellers, from those areas.
  4. Choose any Add-Ons
    If you need additional Agent Detail pages, want more licensed images, would like a video, or looking to draw more organic traffic we have you covered!
  5. Check Out
    We accept any major credit card and you can pay via our 256-bit encrypted check-out process.
  6. Fill out Our Sign-Up Form
    Once you check out we will email you a link to our Sign-Up forms, fill them out as best you can. If there are things you don’t have, don’t have right now, or don’t know what we are asking for that’s ok, skip them and we will help you figure them out during the build process!
  7. We get to work!
    Our team gets your project set up, gives you access to Teamwork (our project management system), and collects anything else we need to get the job done.
  8. Site Build
    It takes about 10 business days for us to get the site done and ready for you to review. We always hope for sooner but would rather “under promise and over deliver”!
  9. Schedule a time to review the website
    We will notify you when the site is ready and you can choose a time to do a Zoom meeting, share a screen, and go over your site with you.
  10. Revisions
    If we need to make any changes to the site we will. It takes a few days for us to get those done and then you can review the site again.
  11. Drive Traffic to the site!
    Once the site is complete and live the Real Geeks “Real Leads” team can help you drive traffic to the site and you start collecting LEADS!

Real Geeks Standard Build Packages

What we can do for you.

New Site builds, Premium Homepages, Rapid Site Builder SEO packages, Custom Landing pages, and Custom Widgets. If you can dream it we can build it!

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Get listed and exchange referrals with 100’s other agents on the Unofficial Real Geeks Agent Directory!

Ready to take your next step?

Generate leads, grow your business, and spend time doing what you do best,
help people BUY AND SELL HOUSES!

Let’s meet! We can do a Zoom meeting, share my screen,
and go over whatever you need done. If you can dream it, we can build it!

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