Sierra Platinum Rapid Site Builder Package – 100 Areas


100 Main Area Pages with up to 32 SEO Pages per area!


100 Main Area Pages with up to 32 SEO Pages per area!

Getting the most out of your site means optimizing your content for SEO. Having a website with good SEO means that your site will show up at or near the top of a search page on Google. This is called organic traffic and leads generated for this are basically “free”. Instead of investing in ads, you are investing in unique and relevant content for users doing their search. Specifically, if you hit the “long tail”.

While 1,000 people a month may do a search for “Homes for Sale in Oahu” and only 2 people a month do a “Homes for Sale with 2 Bedrooms in Oahu” search. But for the people who do, your site shows up on the first page of Google, has a page dedicated to the key phrase the person is searching for, and only shows listings on it matching that criteria. You then have an excellent chance of drawing that visitor to the site and getting the registration!

We will add 100 “Main Area Pages” to your site, then add another 32 “SEO Pages” for each one of the Main Areas!