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Real Geeks Site Forms Yearly Subscription

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Normally$180.00Today only $162.00

Are you ready to revolutionize your Real Geeks site experience? Say goodbye to clunky 3rd party form builders and the endless hassle of sifting through emails to extract crucial data. We’re here to turbocharge your workflow! Our cutting-edge integration service effortlessly embeds sleek, efficient forms directly into your Real Geeks site, capturing essential information and seamlessly syncing it into your client’s contact record in the Lead Manager.

Third-party form builders will only send you an email with the data in it. Even using, the only fields that get automatically added to the CRM are Name, Email, and Cell Phone. The rest is up to you to copy and paste into the Lead Manager each and every time!

Here is what you would spend on a 3rd party form builder:

  • Jotforms = $408 per year
  • Typeforms = $300 per year

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