ISA Services – REVIVE Program

Breathe life into your tired leads!

Our industry-leading program is designed to REVIVE your old leads with an unparalleled follow-up system. With a meticulously crafted cadence, we specialize in re-engaging cold leads, turning them into warm, actionable prospects.


This program offers an exceptional value with a one-time fee of just $6 per lead, providing comprehensive follow-up services for a full 12 months.

Why should you work with us instead of going directly to Conversion Monster?

You save $800 right from the start, that’s why!

We have an Enterprise Level account with Conversion Monster. Any of our clients get a reduced setup fee of only $195, significantly lower than the standard $995 fee! Take advantage of this exclusive offer to enhance your conversion strategies and drive your business forward. You get the exact same services for a lot less $$$! We will also help you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

Full integration with your CRM. You never have to leave it.

We have full 2-way integration with nearly all of the major CRMs, so you see updates flowing back & forth in real time. This makes it so you never have to leave your CRM.

Our technology is constantly evolving to make sure we’re able to quickly and effectively support your sales efforts – no matter what CRM you use, whether it’s Real Geeks, CINC, KW Command, or many more.

Package Includes:

  • Dedicated success manager
  • Leads contacted up to 75 times in 12 months
  • Call, Text, & Email
  • Ringless Voicemails
  • Daily Reporting
  • 24/7 Coverage
  • Full Team of Real Estate ISAs
  • Many CRM Integrations
  • Custom Scripts With Branding
  • Long Term Follow Up > 360 Days

Program Details

With the REVIVE program, you would hand-pick whichever leads you want us to work on and then export them onto a spreadsheet (CSV File). From there, we upload them into our system and get to work right away! Of course, we recommend sending over the most recent ones first so we have the highest chance of converting them into a HOT lead.

15 Touches

We hit each REVIVE lead with 15 touches over the first 15 days, which includes 3 phone calls, and the rest are emails & text messages. But if we don’t make any contact with them in those first 15 days, then we continue to call & nurture every REVIVE lead for one year, whether we reach them or not!

Just like the new leads, you are only charged for each REVIVE lead once while they are worked for a full year.

Our Approach

We approach the REVIVE leads differently than the new leads since they’ve been in the agent’s system for a while. These leads can be anywhere from one week old or 5 years old, just as long as we’re not working them in real time as they come in then they are considered a revive lead.

Although the initial approach is a bit different than the new leads, the objective is exactly the same. We will be asking them our 6 qualifying questions and only send them over to the agent once they’re fully scrubbed and determined as HOT.

Qualifying Questions

Here are the 6 qualifying questions we will ask each lead:

  • Are you working with/under contract with an agent?
  • What is your timeframe for buying/selling?
  • What budget are you looking at?
  • (For buyer leads) Do you have a home you need to sell before the purchase?
  • Which neighborhoods/locations are you primarily searching in?
  • Have you already been pre-approved? Paying cash? (Etc.)

Working with a Lender?

Keep in mind when it comes to the last question, anytime we speak with someone who has not yet been pre-approved and needs lending assistance, we can also send those hot leads to the agent’s preferred lender if they’d like. About 40% of our clients split our ISA Services costs with their preferred lender(s), since they also receive a ton of appointments/hot leads out of it!

Want to learn more?

You can choose a time to meet and we will go over everything together!

We have 4 programs to choose from!

CORE Program

Industry ISA standard for high-volume lead clients that understand the numbers game.

Our Inside Sales Agents are trained to CALL, QUALIFY, NURTURE, and CONVERT your internet leads when they are ready to become a real client. With an industry-leading speed to lead and a comprehensive long-term follow-up process, we stand unmatched.

REVIVE Program

Breathe life into your tired leads! We find diamonds in your database.

Our industry-leading program is designed to REVIVE your old leads with an unparalleled follow-up system. With a meticulously crafted cadence, we specialize in re-engaging cold leads, turning them into warm, actionable prospects. Revive your leads Now!

Premier Program

Luxury lead flow and full customization for discerning markets.

Explore our Premier Division services, designed for every need. CM Luxury provides exclusive support for high-end clients, while CM Marketing boosts your lead generation without the ad management hassle. For a tailored approach, CM Custom aligns our interactions with your brand’s unique voice. Elevate your business with our specialized support.

Dedicated ISA Program

A full-time ISA personalized for your business, specialized in prospecting, qualifying leads, nurturing relationships, and recruiting.

Over the past decade, we have been training real estate inside sales agents (ISAs) to contact, qualify, and nurture agent’s incoming leads. They excel in initiating contact, setting appointments, and driving the early stages of the sales process, ensuring a steady flow of opportunities for real estate professionals.

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