ISA Services – CORE Program

Need help following up with your leads?

We have teamed up with Conversion Monster, The #1 Real Estate Lead Conversion Company, to help CALL, QUALIFY, NURTURE, and CONVERT your internet leads!

Why should you work with us instead of going directly to Conversion Monster?

You save $800 right from the start, that’s why!

We have an Enterprise Level account with Conversion Monster. Any of our clients get a reduced setup fee of only $195, significantly lower than the standard $995 fee! Take advantage of this exclusive offer to enhance your conversion strategies and drive your business forward. You get the exact same services for a lot less $$$! We will also help you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

Full integration with your CRM. You never have to leave it.

We have full 2-way integration with nearly all of the major CRMs, so you see updates flowing back & forth in real time. This makes it so you never have to leave your CRM.

Our technology is constantly evolving to make sure we’re able to quickly and effectively support your sales efforts – no matter what CRM you use, whether it’s Real Geeks, CINC, KW Command, or many more.

Actual humans, responding to actual leads, in real-time.

Conversion Monster’s friendly, motivated, and professionally-trained real estate ISAs take the work out of staying on top of and responding to every sales lead. They contact, qualify, and keep each lead – as your customer – until they are ready to transact. Then they hand them over for you to close!


more likely that you’ll convert a lead if you’re the first agent to make contact..


of people choose the first agent they’ve had a face-to-face meeting with.


the number of days it takes for someone to choose their real estate agent.

You’ve got leads, now what?

Why “Speed to Lead” is important.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, diligent follow-up with website visitors is paramount for success. Real estate agents must act swiftly and consistently to capitalize on potential leads and convert them into clients. With the digital landscape offering numerous avenues for property seekers to browse listings, timely follow-ups serve as a crucial differentiation factor.

They say “It’s all in the follow-up”!

Whether it’s through personalized emails, phone calls, or even instant messaging, agents need to engage with website visitors promptly, addressing inquiries, providing additional information, and nurturing relationships. Regular follow-ups not only demonstrate professionalism and attentiveness but also keep agents top-of-mind, increasing the likelihood of securing deals in a competitive market. In essence, for real estate agents, the mantra should be to follow up as soon and as often as possible, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Take your site to the next level!

Many Agents and Brokers choose to go above and beyond the standard packages, stock layout, and design. We can customize each site to the agent’s business and customers in many ways. Our typical hourly rate for Custom CSS coding and installation/configuration is $125. We have done 1,000s of websites for real estate professionals.  Linked below are some of our favorite examples of custom work. Click here to see the full list of pages we have built recently.

Only $299 per month!

Plus a One-Time $195 Setup Fee

What’s included?

This includes up to 25 “verified” leads per month for up to 12 months of lead contact, nurturing, and validation.

What’s a “verified” lead you ask? Anyone who registers on your site and Conversion Monster verifies it’s an actual person with a valid email address, and phone number.

Ready to get started?

Want to learn more?

You can choose a time to meet and we will go over everything together!

What does Conversion Monster do to follow-up and nurture your leads?

  • Onboarding with your dedicated ISA Professional
  • Agent Training
  • Contacting and Nurturing Inbound leads

Conversion Monster’s follow up process includes:

  • Initial outreach within 5 minutes
  • 17 touches over 14 days
    • 6 Phone Calls
    • 6 Emails
    • 5 Text Messages
  • Additional outreach for a full year, after that:
    • The ISA will set-up a custom auto-forwarding system for outreach.  Once they receive the lead, they will call them within 5 minutes. If they cannot make contact on that first call, they will send 17 touches within 14 days (6 phone calls, 6 emails, 5 texts)
    • If they still can’t reach the lead they will continue with 1 phone call, 1 email, 2 texts for every 30 days for a year

Nurturing Inbound leads

  • 6 qualifying questions for leads, once they claim a lead as “hot” they will transfer to agent and send email/set-up appointment.
    • Are you currently working with an agent?
    • Price?
    • Timeframe?
    • Location?
    • Are they needing to sell their current home?
    • Do they have Pre-approval?
  • A live transfer after validating!
    • Hot lead email – contact details and outreach information
    • Reports sent out and available in YOUR Client portal

We have 4 programs to choose from!

CORE Program

Industry ISA standard for high-volume lead clients that understand the numbers game.

Our Inside Sales Agents are trained to CALL, QUALIFY, NURTURE, and CONVERT your internet leads when they are ready to become a real client. With an industry-leading speed to lead and a comprehensive long-term follow-up process, we stand unmatched.

REVIVE Program

Breathe life into your tired leads! We find diamonds in your database.

Our industry-leading program is designed to REVIVE your old leads with an unparalleled follow-up system. With a meticulously crafted cadence, we specialize in re-engaging cold leads, turning them into warm, actionable prospects. Revive your leads Now!

Premier Program

Luxury lead flow and full customization for discerning markets.

Explore our Premier Division services, designed for every need. CM Luxury provides exclusive support for high-end clients, while CM Marketing boosts your lead generation without the ad management hassle. For a tailored approach, CM Custom aligns our interactions with your brand’s unique voice. Elevate your business with our specialized support.

Dedicated ISA Program

A full-time ISA personalized for your business, specialized in prospecting, qualifying leads, nurturing relationships, and recruiting.

Over the past decade, we have been training real estate inside sales agents (ISAs) to contact, qualify, and nurture agent’s incoming leads. They excel in initiating contact, setting appointments, and driving the early stages of the sales process, ensuring a steady flow of opportunities for real estate professionals.

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