Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the questions we get most often. If you have a specific question that’s not answered here please send us a message using the form below!

Do you work directly for Real Geeks?

We are one of Real Geeks “Preferred Vendors” so we do not work directly for Real Geeks but are instead Consultants for them. We are the #1 most referred Real Geeks site builder by far!

Why should I use your services instead of just building the site myself?

Time. Expertise. My team and I have built over 7,500 Real Geeks sites over the last 10 years and stay informed of changes and best practices. Because we have worked on so many sites, we eliminate the learning curve to get your site online ASAP and build it to the specifications recommended by Real Geeks. We have also developed a number of addons and improvements that we implement on each site we do to make sure you can get the most out of your website!

Can’t I just use the Real Geeks “setup wizard”?

The Real Geeks setup wizard is meant for those who want to get a basic site setup quickly. We go way above and beyond anything the setup wizard can accomplish for you. With us, you get to:

  • Choose your target markets – The setup wizard allows you to choose up to 30 Cities but the SEO Pages are not editable and you do not get to choose your own key phrases.
  • Choose your own images – We provide images for you to choose from! We have a subscription to and you get to choose up to 13 images, depending on which of our Packages you choose, and we will purchase them for you!
  • Resize and optimize all your images – We take care of cropping, chopping, resizing and optimizing ALL the images on the site. This helps speed the site up and Google likes fast sites!
  • Set the colors throughout the site – We help you choose colors in a way that draws the visitor’s attention to things we want them to do, the lead capture elements on the site.
Is this a one-time fee or are there any ongoing costs?

Our services are almost always a one-time fee. Many clients do come back to us for additional work, adding Area Pages, new Agent Pages etc… or we can work on an hourly basis at $85 per hour. If you need any Custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) work done that is at $125 an hour.

How long does it take?

We know you’re ready to get this site created and launched, we will do everything we can to expedite your site! Typical builds take about 5 business days, depending on how thoroughly you can fill out our Sign Up Form and how quickly your MLS board approval comes in.  If you need a shorter time frame or longer to pull your information together, please make sure we are aware of any deadlines you may have.

If you are doing a Premium Homepage Design the time can take longer depending on how many revisions you will want, but the site can be launched after the initial set up and we can move the custom work live after you have approved it!

Do you have any examples of sites you have built?

Absolutely, please take a look at our Portfolio. You’ll get an idea of what we can do and how customized we can make your new Real Geeks site look!

Do you build the site with SEO Best Practices?

Yes, we build the sites with all the best SEO practices including:

  • Correct Title Tags with Key Phrases
  • Meta Descriptions for each page
  • Alt Tags on all the images
  • H1 Tags for Headers
  • H2 Tags for paragraph headings
What is an “Area Page”?

An Area Page is a page dedicated to a certain City, Subdivision, Neighborhood, Community, Parish, Borough, etc… however, your market is divided up. Area Pages are what can draw organic traffic to the site. The goal is someone goes to Google, types in “homes for sale in XXXXX” and your site shows up in the Search Results. The user clicks the link, comes to your site then hopefully does their own search, sets their own criteria, and then registers for the site!

Area Pages don’t have to be only geographical either. An easy way to rank on Google is using what are called “Long-Tail Keywords”, for example, “homes for sale in Goodyear without an HOA”. I live in Goodyear AZ and there are many people who, for whatever reason, don’t want to live in a subdivision with an HOA. The best thing is not many other Real Estate agents are targeting this key phrase!

School District pages are another great way to draw traffic, “homes for sale in XXXX school district” and you have a page dedicated to showing only homes for sale in that school district!

What is a Premium Homepage?

A Premium Homepage Design is a upgraded look to the standard templates that RealGeeks offers. We write own code to modify the look and feel of the platform to help elevate and feature your content in a more appealing way. We offer “Ready-to-Go” designs for when you just want a better looking site without the hassle, but we also can do completely new looks as well. Some limitations may apply since we still have to work within the platform.

Do Premium Homepages slow my site down?

Actually, our Premium Homepage Designs are faster loading than the stock Real Geeks Homepages are!

Do you provide all the images for my site?

Yes, if you don’t have a “Main Banner Image” then we have a subscription to Any image you find (or have us find it for you) we can use on the site. Our Standard Package includes 1 Main Banner image. Our Premium Package also includes up to 12 images for your “Featured Areas” section on the Homepage and 1 “Stock video” for the Main Banner!

Can you add videos to my site?

Yes, we can embed any YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia hosted video into your site. We also have 3 unbranded explainer videos that we can add (clients love them!).

What are 301 Re-Directs and do I need them?

Re-directs ensure that if you are moving your old site over to Real Geeks, but using the same domain name that the old indexed links to your site will still work. Let’s say, for example, your old site had a page with the URL, the Real Geeks platform does not use the .htm extension so we would need to create a redirect for that page to That way users won’t get the dreaded “404 Page Not Found” error!

What happens after my site is done and launched? Do you provide any additional services?

Absolutely. Many clients come back to us for additional work, adding Area Pages for example. The more Area Pages you have on the site the more organic traffic you can draw to it. Any additional work after the site is launched we can do on an hourly basis at $85 per hour for any Standard work, $125 per hour for any Custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) work.

How do I drive traffic to the website?

We build the sites with organic traffic in mind, using all the right SEO techniques but it does take time and effort to start seeing results. We would recommend contacting the Real Geeks “Real Leads” program and use their PPC (Pay Per Click) manager and program. You can find out more about the Real Leads program here: