Add a Custom CSS Homepage to Your Real Geeks Site!

If you haven’t already, please watch the short video below to learn more about enhancing your Real Geeks homepage! Otherwise, scroll down to view live demos of our custom options. 

Custom Homepage Themes - $599

Choose one theme, provide as much detail as you would like, swap out images & content, change branding (logos, colors, etc), and reorder the page how you like to make it work for you. Simple and straightforward!

Price includes a custom ‘Meet the Team’ page for Anna templates and a custom Home Valuation landing page¬†¬†(if applicable)!

In order to keep the price low there are not changes included in the pricing and the themes are sold as-is besides the above modifications. Anything that is not considered a minor change by us will be billed at $120/hr.

If you have something else in mind please scroll down and book a consultation so we can go over your vision!

Click Below to view a live demo!*

*Examples are all on the Anna template, variations may apply between Miranda & Anna templates

Scenic - Our most popular!

Classy - Got video?

Vivid - Our original design!

RealGeeks Custom Theme Scenic

New Designs - $120/hr

Have a certain vision in mind? We can do a unique look just for you! Schedule a meeting below so we can go over the possibilities and costs involved.